Excerpt KunSTücke 2016
KunSTücke 2016 Buch Südverlag
Auszug KunStücke-2016 grün.pdf
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Excerpt KunSRücke 2017
KunStücke 2017 Buch Südverlag
Auszug KunSTücke 2017 orange pdf
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Excerpt KunStücke 2018
KunStücke 2018 Buch Südverlag
Auszug aus 2018 red Edition
Pdf File
KunSTücke 2018 Endfassung_DrBlümel.pdf
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Profile ProgramArt® English
Description of artist's work approach and career.
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Profil ProgramArt® Deutsch
Beschreibung der Werke und Künstler Profil
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All Art Works are created with the ContextFreeArt computer program. They are available for purchase either as JPEG-files or PNG-files, even in high resolution (3000++). Or as HRes prints or same on Alu-Dibond covered with an acrylum layer (e.g. see www.Whitewall.com). Within certain limits canvas ratios can get adjusted for adaptations. If interested please contact KHB@karlspixelart.com