The artist Dr. Karl Bluemel


Born 1948 in Austria.

1976 PhD in Technical Physics at the Technical University of Vienna. 

30 years of business management with The Dow Chemical Company.

Working locations Vienna, Berlin, Moscow, Zurich, Halle/S. Now retired.

2006 consultancy project with Swiss community of Horgen on immigration issues.

Since 2008 active generative-art artist with Program Art ®.

Jazz Piano studies at the Konservatorium Zürich.


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Geboren 1948 in Österreich.

Studium der Technischen Physik an der TU Wien, Graduierung zum Dr. Techn.

30 Jahre Business Managament bei The Dow Chemical Company.

Wien, Berlin, Moskau, Zürich, Halle/S.. Nun Pensionär.

2006 Konsulentenprojekt für Schweizer Gemeinde Horgen für Immigranten Integration.

Seit 2008 aktiv mit Program Art ® beschäftigt.

Jazz Piano Studien am Konservatorium Zürich.


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Lumobox, CH-8001 Zurich Uraniastrasse 31, May-August 2010

der Kunstraum, Parallelaktion Kunst, Ringstrassen Galerien Top 137 Obergeschoss, A-1010 Wien, Kärntner Ring 9-13, October 2013 



All Art Works are created with the ContextFreeArt computer program. They are available for purchase either as JPEG-files or PNG-files, even in high resolution (3000++). Or as HRes prints or same on Alu-Dibond covered with an acrylum layer (e.g. see Within certain limits canvas ratios can get adjusted for adaptations. If interested please contact